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Is a Wellness Lifestyle Better Than a Weight Loss Diet? (All Trends Say Yes!)

by | Oct 16, 2018 | Health, Weight Loss | 0 comments

It’s starting to become obvious that the world has become tired of dieting and is looking to a wellness lifestyle solution instead. It’s not just that dieting isn’t fun. People are finding that strict diets just don’t work.

Sure, when you diet, you may lose the weight. However, more often than not, dieters will see the weight returning eventually. In fact, many dieters will regain more weight than they had before they started. This type of yo-yo dieting is very bad for health. As a result, the medical community is starting to recommend a wellness lifestyle instead of a specific dieting regimen.

Why a Wellness Lifestyle?

If there is anything that makes the move toward a wellness lifestyle and away from dieting clear, it’s Weight Watchers. Recently, they changed their name to WW. The entire brand is now known by those two letters. Why? Because they no longer want to be associated exclusively with weight loss.

The brand has recognized that dieting doesn’t end when the excess weight is gone. For many years, they have been successfully encouraging people to focus on a wellness lifestyle that maintains a healthy body weight, even after they’re done losing. Unfortunately, their name didn’t reflect that purpose.

According to WW president and CEO, Mindy Grossman: “No matter what your goal is – to lose weight, eat healthier, move more, develop a positive mind-set, or all of the above – we will deliver science-based solutions that fit into people’s lives.”

How to Live a Wellness Lifestyle and Lose Weight

As much as it does appear to be a good idea to focus on a wellness lifestyle over dieting, it completely distorts our image of weight loss. After all, most of us would like to drop the pounds as fast as we can. That’s why fad diets are continually popular, despite how bad they are for us and how likely it is that the weight will return.

What a wellness lifestyle recommends is a far more gradual and long term perspective. Instead of sticking to a strict program of cutting foods or depriving yourself in one way or another, this strategy is very different. It encourages people to go through the learning curve of understanding their food and making better choices in terms of nutrition and portion size.

It also takes in many other factors that affect weight and health as a whole. In a balanced wellness lifestyle, you won’t deprive yourself. You will, however, make more mindful choices regarding diet, physical activity, sleep, mental health, and even attitude.

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