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How to Stay on Track with Your Weight Loss Goals

by | Jan 29, 2016 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

We would all be fit and healthy if weight loss goals were easy to achieve. The crazy winter, the festive holidays, the summer heat, a nasty flu and many other instances can easily get us off track. Sometimes, your overall motivation to keep going also dies down or sometimes the busy work schedule just doesn’t let you stay on track for your weight loss goals. So, keep reading if you are a struggler in the world of health and fitness.

Start Easy
If you start with a 5-mile run and cut down to 1000 calories a day, you are only setting yourself up for failure. Weight loss is like a marathon where you start with a slow but steady pace.

The idea is to slowly build up your stamina because weight loss goals cannot be achieved overnight. Rather, it’s a slow and boring process.

Stop Indulging Yourself with Problem Foods
If you have a sweet tooth, it’s best not to have any sugary foods lying around the house. Also, never opt for the option where you tell yourself you will buy this bar of chocolate and only eat it when you really, really want it! Leave no space for self sabotage.

Record Everything
If you are having trouble getting organized or staying on track, put your weight loss goals into writing. First write down your current weight, your workout routine and your weekly meal plan. Then, as you complete those tasks, keep checking it off the list. Track your workout time and calorie intake. When you put down your goals in writing, it will become more realistic and you are more likely to stick to the plan.

Cook Your Meals
It’s fine to occasionally indulge in a few treats at a friend’s party or maybe on your birthday, but if you are new to weight loss, it’s best to not cheat at all in the beginning. You have to start building some self-control where you find yourself saying, “No thanks, I just ate.” Also, eliminate all packaged food and drinks even if they claim to be nutritious. A lot of packaged foods are marketing gimmicks and can actually contain unfavorable ingredients. So, make your own meals and avoid eating anything outside of your weight loss meal plan.

Increase Water Intake
Water is not only necessary to keep you hydrated, but it also keeps you full. Drinking water before meals is a great way to stop yourself from overeating. Also, avoid replacing water with diet sodas or other packaged drinks.

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