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Everything You Should Know about the TransPyloric Shuttle Weight Loss Device

by | Dec 31, 2015 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

There has been yet another breakthrough in obesity treatments with the TransPyloric Shuttle (TPS) weight loss device. The benefit of TPS for obese patients is that it’s a non-surgical procedure. The TPS is delivered to the stomach through endoscopy and it significantly induces weight loss.

What Is The TransPyloric Shuttle?
The TPS device, itself, has a double ended bulb shape. The first is a large spherical-shaped bulb which is connected to a smaller spherical-shaped bulb with a pliable tether. The device is mostly composed of medical grade silicone. When the device is inserted into the stomach and the TPS becomes functional, the larger bulb reaches a diameter that prevents migration from the stomach.

The second part of the bulb passes through the duodenum (the first part of the small intestine) during normal bowel movements. This allows the device to settle in the TransPyloric position. The opening of the stomach to the duodenum is then intermittently sealed by the larger bulb. When food is not able to pass freely through the stomach and intestines, it automatically limits overall calorie intake and speeds up weight loss.

How Does The TransPyloric Shuttle Device Work?
The device is inserted and removed through endoscopy. It is loaded on a catheter and delivered to the stomach orally. The TPS is then locked into position, once it has settled in the stomach through self orientation. The device resides in the stomach until the weight loss treatment is completed. To remove it, a catheter is again inserted orally to unlock and extract the device from its position.

When the larger bulb of the TPS device is inserted in the stomach, it makes the person feel a little bloated and satiated. With no desire to eat, it eventually reduces the overall calorie intake. Also, the small quantities of food consumed are directly funnelled down into the intestines, so there is little to no absorption of calories.

When the body is deprived of calories, it starts to break down fat for energy. Eventually, this weight loss device will start shedding pounds within months. Unlike other medical treatments, the TPS device doesn’t require the patient to go through surgery. Rather it is as simple as any endoscopic procedure. While the delivery and removal of the device can be uncomfortable, it is by no means painful.

The overall procedure is straightforward but it is still a fairly new concept, so only time will tell how effective and safe it is in the long run. All weight loss procedures can definitely be lifesaving for many people suffering from obesity, however, the deficiency of nutrients caused by these procedures is quite significant. Since the body is not absorbing calories properly, it will become deficient for essential vitamins and minerals over time. In conclusion, the TPS weight loss device is reliable for weight loss, but its safety is still a concern. Compared to other surgical weight loss procedures, the TPS is a great alternative.

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