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Do Sweat Suits Really Boost Weight Loss?

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

There are so many different weight loss methods and tools out there and sweat suits have become a very popular item within the industry. The reality is that people want to lose weight and will do just about anything to get to their end result. Though it may be tempting to use these suits or so many other weight loss tools out there, you do need to be an informed consumer. There are some ideas that really act more as fads or trends rather than useful techniques. Learning to differentiate and notice the differences is so very important and will help you to reach your goals.

What Are Sweat Suits?

You may be thinking of sweat suits in the form of casual athletic wear that many people wear in the cooler months to go for a jog or just to hang around the house.  In this circumstance, we’re discussing something quite different.  These are articles of clothing designed to force your body to perspire.  The concept behind them is to trap heat against parts of your body where you’d like to lose water weight.

Depending on the product, you’ll hear all kinds of claims.  They’ll promise you a faster metabolism, a slimmer waist, or even fat burning.  When all is said and done, sweat suits won’t have much to do with your body fat at all (other than potentially squeezing it in a bit depending on how tight the fit might be). Instead, it’s a matter of temporary water loss in targeted areas of the body.

Do They Really Work?

There is a lot of press out there focusing on sweat suits, but do they really work? Well the idea is that as you sweat you can burn calories and therefore lose weight. This idea stems off of the same philosophy of a good powerful workout or even spending some time in a sauna.

You are much more likely to lose the weight when you are sweating it out, and therefore many have the desire to turn to sweat suits for that extra lift. This is however one of those weight loss products that can really work against you if you are not careful, and you need to know the facts.

Technically speaking, you can sweat out some excess water weight.  However, the difference that will actually make to your body size, appearance and, most importantly, your wellness, may not be what you think it is.  There are several important factors to consider, including everything from the amount of excess water your tissues are actually holding to your fitness level and the risk of excess heat and dehydration.  Remember that sweating may be safe in general, but a sweat suit goes beyond what your body would naturally produce.

This Is One Fad That Can Actually Be Unsafe

The idea behind sweat suits is that you wear them during a good workout. They are often made of rubber or a similar material and they are intended to help capture the heat in the body. So, when the heat is captured in this manner, you have no choice but to profusely sweat.

The problem is that when you are sweating like this during a workout, you will become dehydrated. So when you drink water after this process, you are only replacing water lost to keep from actually getting dehydrated—not only that but you will also gain back anything that you may have lost through using the sweat suit in the first place!

Don’t Count on Sweat Suits for Fat Loss

Sweat suits are not typically a safe alternative for healthy weight loss habits. They will cause you to sweat so much that you are losing valuable fluids from the body, and the end result is dehydration. If used in excess this sort of dehydration can interfere with the kidney function in the body, and then there can be even bigger problems.

Moreover, it’s also vital to understand that you won’t be burning body fat through their use.  You’ll only achieve temporary water loss. Since any weight that you lose will be temporary, it means you can only expect to gain it back as soon as you eat or drink and rehydrate your body to healthy levels again.

So though sweat suits may seem tempting, you want to get back to basics when it comes to substantial and lasting weight loss that is also safe for you too.  Yes, they may appeal because it can seem as though you can shrink yourself down quickly for an event or important meeting.  However, the results simply don’t last, and it’s not worth it to place your health at risk for the matter of a moment of size reduction that likely wouldn’t be noticeable to anyone who sees you.  The difference is typically slight enough that your clothes likely won’t hang any differently.

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