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10 Problems Associated with Sugary Drinks

by | Jul 24, 2015 | Health, Nutrition | 0 comments

We all know that there are some things in our diet that aren’t good for us, but do we really know why? When we focus on proper nutrition we readily recognize that there are some things we should avoid, and yet we often tend to ignore our best instincts. When it comes to being your best there are a variety of reasons why you should avoid sugary drinks. Not only are they bad for you but they may actually contribute to a growing number of health concerns and problems.

If you want to protect your health now and well into the future then these drinks are a must in terms of what to avoid. There are no two ways about it, these equal a lot of horrible side effects and far too many negative things so learn to avoid them now for good.

1. They can contribute to weight gain: If you want to know why you keep gaining weight or why you are having trouble losing it, then you can almost always point to these drinks as the culprit. They give you far too much sugar than your body knows what to do with, and this is often stored as fat. Though you may not think that there is much harm in beverages, they are often the first thing to look at when it comes to weight loss troubles, so know that if you struggle with this.

2. They can contribute to the development of diabetes: Another problem with too much sugar in either solid or liquid form is that it can cause or lead to diabetes. Too much sugar can send the body into shock so to speak, and therefore the body doesn’t know what to do with it. When this continues over time then the body can react by developing diabetes as a result of trying to fight off excess sugar. Cutting it out can cut down on your likelihood of developing it and may even help you to naturally cure it too.

3. They can cause tooth decay: You might not think that a beverage can cause this much trouble, but the sugar from it will just sit on the teeth. Even if you are diligent about brushing your teeth, when you enjoy sugary drinks throughout your day then that sugar just sits on the surface of the teeth and eats away at it. This is particularly troublesome with children who drink them at an early age and may struggle with cavities their entire life because of it.

4. They may actually cause your metabolism to slow down: Over time when you continue to consume too much sugar it can start to break down the natural processes that should happen in your body. This happens all too often when it comes to diabetes, and it may even cause your metabolism to slow down and therefore you won’t burn calories or process fat the way that you should.

5. They are often part of an overall unhealthy diet that provides you with far too much sugar than you should really have: You really don’t need any table sugar or related products in your diet. When you continue to drink these beverages you are contributing to an overall unhealthy diet. You will also find that you are much more likely to eat unhealthy foods as a byproduct of these drink choices too—and this all results in bad habits and serious health problems.

6. They may contribute to fertility problems later on in life: This is at the heart of so many studies right now and it’s important to understand it. For those who continue to drink these sugar loaded beverages over time, it may contribute to significant fertility problems in the future. You may not realize it until years later, but this is happening to more and more men and women.

7. They may harm your organs if you drink too many of them over time: When you drink a lot of sugary drinks your body simply doesn’t know what to do with this. The result is that the body may go into a bit of shock and that means that your kidneys may not work properly, the digestive tract is harmed, and the organs don’t work at their top capacity. This isn’t good for the short term and certainly leads to longer term problems too.

8. They may cause digestive or even circulatory issues: When the organs aren’t working properly then you can almost bet that this will lead to health problems. You are much more likely to gain weight, put an extra strain on the body, and you suffer from a variety of other health problems.You may have trouble breathing or develop asthma and you may expect to suffer from other health problems such as stomach issues in the near future.

9. They are closely linked to a growing number of health problems as you age: If you continue with this bad habit then you can expect to suffer from significant health problems in the future. You are obese, which puts you at greater risk of diabetes, kidney failure, and even heart disease. If you keep up with this unhealthy diet you may have higher blood pressure and cholesterol, and the problems can continue on into the future and cause a great deal of harm.

10. They cause far more harm than good as they offer absolutely no nutritional value: Though they may taste good the thing to remember with these sugary drinks is that they offer far more harm than good. They offer absolutely no nutritional value and therefore serve no purpose. Turning to a good seltzer water or something along those lines is a much healthier choice and makes for a better way to live, and therefore you protect yourself from health problems now and in the future as well.

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