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Creative Ways to Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day

by | Jul 19, 2015 | Health | 0 comments

It is important that you make sure you are getting enough water in your body all day long. Most people have trouble with hydration because they just get busy and might not realize that they are not taking in enough to stay hydrated. Here are some ways that you can stay hydrated all day long while barely even having to think about it.

· Carry a bottle with you all day—when you are carrying a bottle around all day long, it is easier to remember that you need to take a drink.

Sip on it while reading emails, take it along to that meeting, and do not let it leave your side. Before you know it, you have taken in a few glasses without even thinking about it.

· Have a glass before getting up—before you get out of bed, take a big glass of water and drink it down in order to stay hydrated. You can leave it by your bed before going to sleep so it is there ready to go when you open your eyes. This allows you to get in the drink before you are really awake and it has the power to give you energy to make it through the day.

· Make it a challenge—challenge yourself and see how many glasses you will be able to take in each day. You can start out with maybe five each day for a week and slowly build up to 8 or more. It is more fun when it is a challenge.

· Have a glass of water at each meal—for every meal that you eat, as well as snacks, keep a big glass of water there. You are not allowed to get up from the table before you drink all that is in the cup. This can easily add a few glasses of water to your day. Better yet, drink the full glass before even eating to fill up the stomach and take in less calories during the meal.

· Add some flavor—drinking regular water can be a bland way to stay hydrated and this is why most people fail and go back to soda or juice. Add a bit of low calorie no sugar flavor to it and see what a difference it can make. Now your water will no longer be boring and tasteless because you can choose from a variety of flavors to make it more fun.

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