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Slow Bone Loss with Calcium-Collagen Chelate

by | Nov 28, 2014 | Health | 0 comments

Taking painstaking care of your bone health is very important, but it becomes especially vital as we grow older or as our lackadaisical diets begin to take a toll on our bodies.

There are several ways for the average person to maintain or even improve his or her overall bone density, but recent studies are suggesting new methods that are designed specifically to slow bone loss. This is being achieved with calcium-collagen chelate, something that is also being called KoACT.

What Is Calcium-Collagen Chelate?

Modern medical advancements have been able to create some pretty remarkable things, and KoACT is one of them. KoACT, or calcium-collagen chelate, is a combination of calcium-chelated, hydrolyzed collagen and naturally occurring elemental calcium. It mixes together 5 grams of the first with 500 milligrams of the second to produce a capsule that ultimately helps to slow bone loss. The 200 IU of vitamin D contained within each dose also helps to speed up the protective and rebuilding processes.

How Effective Is It?

When patients were given a fixed dose of calcium and collagen, along with a recommended helping of vitamin D, they were able to slow bone loss by a considerable margin. According to experts at Florida State University’s Department of Nutrition, Food, and Exercise Sciences, daily use of the supplement KoACT was equivalent to some pretty serious doses of standardized calcium carbonate and vitamin D. Over time, all 39 of the randomized study subjects (some being post-menopausal women) reported greater bone density—and this was all achieved in three months to a year.

How Does KoACT Work?

In order to understand how KoACT or calcium-collagen chelate works, you first need to know how the skeletal system is structured and maintained by the natural processes of the body. In actuality, infrastructure of the bone is rapidly depleting with age, especially in women who have gone through menopause. Diet and exercise alone cannot combat the natural processes, especially when so many nutrients are needed. KoACT helps to slow bone loss in a short time because it supplements what the body needs to maintain or improve its own condition.

What Now?

You will definitely want to talk with your doctor as soon as possible if you are experiencing bone density issues. Ask about KoACT and see if it is right for you. Sometimes there are more answers to slow bone loss than initially meet the eye

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