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How to Spot the Signs of an Eating Disorder ​

by | Mar 15, 2017 | Health | 0 comments

Do you think that you know someone who may be suffering from an eating disorder? Learn how to recognize the signs of an eating disorder so you can get them help right away.

Changes in Behavior

Behavioral changes are some of the first things that many people note when they know someone with an eating disorder. Dieting behavior, for example, is very common, so your friend or family member might be avoiding certain food groups, counting calories, or fasting. Individuals who have eating disorders might also prefer to eat in private, while avoiding having their meals around others. There might be evidence that they are binge eating, and you might also notice that they go to the bathroom a lot during or after each meal. And other signs might include an extreme sensitivity to any comments that are made about weight or body shape, as well as extreme exercise habits.

Physical Changes

Other signs of an eating disorder include physical changes that occur to the person suffering. You might notice that they experience weight changes frequently, or they might have undergone rapid weight loss. While men might experience a decrease in libido, women could end up experiencing an irregular or absent period. Individuals with eating disorders also often do not sleep well, so they will feel tired and fatigued. There could be damage done to the teeth, jaw, cheeks, and knuckles as a result of vomiting, and there could be bad breath, dizziness, or fainting too.

Psychological Changes

Psychological changes also come about when someone is suffering from an eating disorder. They might exhibit a preoccupation with their weight, body shape, food, and eating. They might feel irritable or anxious, or even out of control, when it is time to eat or when they’re around food. Individuals with eating disorders sometimes use food to comfort themselves, but they can also use food as a form of self-punishment. They also often have a distorted body image.

Once you spot the signs of an eating disorder, it is important to get that person help, so don’t be afraid to intervene and help them get better. They can learn to accept their body and find ways to lose weight in a healthy way. For example, with the help of a weight management product like FenFast 375, a person can achieve the ideal weight without having to go to extremes. If you don’t know how to help or your efforts have been unsuccessful, you should contact a doctor for advice.

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