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Top Foods to Shed Holiday Weight

by | Jan 16, 2015 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

We spend the whole year trying to regulate our diet for maintaining a strict weight loss regime. For months, we track our daily calorie intake, but as soon as the winter season approaches, holiday dinners and lunches tempt us—rather, intimidate us—to such an extent that most of us dread the holiday season. This should not be the case. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed and not feared.

The foods you need to shed holiday weight gain can actually be the foods we get to eat during the holidays. However, eating the right amount in the right way is important for losing weight. It’s more a matter of lifestyle, not a fad diet, that makes you lose holiday weight. Here are some foods that can actually help you shed holiday weight without waiting for the summer:


Several studies reveal that people who consume nuts are leaner as compared to those who avoid them. Recently, a Harvard research demonstrated nuts are one of the top foods for helping with weight loss. Particularly, pistachios are great to include in your daily diet. A one-ounce serving, which contains only about 157 calories, can include a generous quantity of 49 nuts.

It is believed that the nuts you have to shell yourself are better than other types of nuts since, when you have to remove the shells yourself, you tend to eat less. In a study conducted at the Eastern Illinois University, people who were offered unshelled pistachios were reported to consume 1% fewer calories compared to those who were provided shelled nuts.

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Nothing can beat the freshness of vegetables. A weight loss diet can never be complete without them. They effectively cleanse your system and purge it of toxins, thanks to their detoxing attributes. Add cucumbers and avocados to your salads, or eat them raw. The most effective foods to eat for helping you shed holiday weight can include any fruit or vegetable, from apples, grapes, and turnips to carrots, bell peppers, turnips, and oranges. Go for juicy and fresh options instead of carb-loaded bread stuffing. When you substitute fresh produce for a carb-laden alternative, fruits and vegetables will always come in handy for losing an inch or two.


A research study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2010 verified that women who consumed moderate to light quantities of alcohol over a long period of time were found to be less probable to become overweight. Here’s why: Females who preferred taking a sip of wine instead of a rich and creamy dessert actually consumed fewer calories since a single glass of wine has 120 calories and a dessert can have up to 400 calories or even more. Women may sip a glass of wine in place of a high-cal dessert. However, it is recommended to stick to just one glass of wine and not to go overboard with it.

Fat-Burning Smoothies

Though emotional eating is something we all experience during the holidays, the aftermath can be devastating. The food we eat due to stress or simply to treat our taste buds rarely proves good in any way. Here’s what to do for getting all of that waste out of your system after the holidays: Take out the blender you rarely use and pour in a cup of cold water and some ice cubes. Add any fruit you love to eat and whizz until smooth. You can also add herbs, spices, and extra fruit juices to enhance the flavor of your smoothie.

Here are the combinations we suggest to try for a refreshing smoothie for your lunch or supper to shed holiday weight.

  • Raspberry, grapes, and apples with fresh orange juice
  • Pineapple, passion fruit ,and grapefruit,
  • Banana, strawberry, and tangerine

When you are working hard to shed holiday weight, remember not to feel guilty about what you ate during the holidays. Guilt trips can trigger emotional eating again, and you will have to fight even harder to lose the weight you gained during the holiday season.

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