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Are the Burger King Satisfries Healthier?

by | Oct 10, 2013 | Health | 0 comments

The latest French fry product that Burger King has released is called Satisfries and they are made with a type of batter that is designed to absorb a smaller amount of the deep frying oil so that there is a slight reduction in fat in the product that is served, when compared to the standard fries.

In truth, while they are an improvement over the traditional fry in terms of fat levels, it is important that you are not fooled into thinking that Burger King Satisfries healthier appearance is good for you. It is simply an improvement over the way that regular fries are made. If your diet’s effectiveness is counting on your ability to choose the right fast food fry option, then it might be more effective for you to consider correcting the bigger problems in your weight loss diet than choosing the better fry.

It should also be recognized that the name “Satisfries” is slightly on the misleading side. They may leave you more satisfied in the sense that you know that you’re eating less cooking oil with your French fries, but they won’t actually give you a more satisfied feeling in the sense that you feel more filled up. This is especially true because they are a lower fat product and the fats in the foods are a major driver in the sensation of fullness.

When compared to the French fries at McDonald’s, Satisfries have 40 percent less fat and 21 percent fewer calories than the equivalent number of standard fries on the Burger King menu.

However, the overall savings in calories and fats is not actually enough to make all that much of a difference to a weight loss diet when all is said and done. If you find that they taste about the same (or you like the taste of the Satisfries more) then you may decide that they are the superior option because they cut a little bit of the “bad” part of the food out of this treat that you should only be having on a rare occasion, anyway.

If you find that they’re not as good as the traditional fries, then you may find that just eating the ones that you like more is worth it, since a good healthy diet or weight loss program shouldn’t allow you to have any type of fries on a regular basis. If you’re eating them only once every few weeks, then the small amount of extra fat and calories shouldn’t make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things.

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