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Can Hookworms Relieve Symptoms of Celiac Disease?

by | Oct 6, 2014 | Health | 0 comments

It may seem like an extreme measure, and it is, but if it is possible that hookworms can relieve symptoms of celiac disease, then it may be worth looking at. For those who suffer from celiac disease, it can be a debilitating and frustrating disorder with which to cope.

Though it does affect only a small percentage of the population, there is a growing spotlight on the condition. Individuals with this condition can’t tolerate any gluten or gluten-based products at all. If they do consume them, they will have terrible gastrointestinal problems that can leave them unable to function. Knowing that, looking at even the most extreme measures can be an important way to move forward.

Though it sounds extreme, and even disgusting, there is some validity to using this method to relieve symptoms of celiac disease. In a new study, those who have celiac disease were given hookworms to consume and ingest. Since the symptoms seemed to subside rather quickly, all of those who participated in the study kept the hookworms in for the long term. They felt as if they didn’t have the same stomach problems, and therefore they wanted to stick with it. They were also able to start introducing bigger portions of gluten-based products and could eat them without any problems.

An Extreme but Hope-Inspiring Method

Exactly why hookworms can help to relieve symptoms of celiac disease is still under investigation. It is believed that the hookworms work to act as a protein base, which is important in the digestion of gluten. They almost turned into a protein powder that helped to stabilize the digestive tract in these patients. Therefore, the patients’ systems calmed down, but then the real test came when they started to eat gluten-based products. These patients went from excruciating symptoms when eating such food products to none at all—and this is revolutionary. So though it may be an unorthodox and extreme method, it also represents a great deal of hope.

Conventionally, no one may think of taking in hookworms by choice, yet it may be just what is needed to relieve symptoms of celiac disease. For patients who have severe reactions to gluten, this may be exactly the help for which they have been looking. Though gluten intolerance is often misdiagnosed, and gluten is thus unnecessarily avoided, celiac disease is very real and very frustrating to those who suffer from it. You may find that more and more doctors use hookworms in the future based on these highly favorable results. If you can overlook the grossness factor, it’s worth looking into!

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