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Ways to Expect Realistic Weight Loss Progress

by | Jan 30, 2014 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

When we set out to lose weight we get an idea in our minds for what realistic weight loss progress is. We sometimes set goals too high and often times we also set goals too low. There needs to be a balance and here we will touch on how to do that and what realistic weight loss goals should be.

Why we set goals too high:

It’s not to say that everyone doesn’t have the same weight loss capability as anyone else. However, it is to say that we have to do it right in order to have optimal success. What is meant by setting the goal too high is not that you can’t lose 60 or even 100 pounds–it is just that you can’t do it in a week or maybe even a month and you shouldn’t try. This is because it is an unhealthy risk and it will fail..period. Even if you succeed in losing a ton of weight, you will only gain it back and often times more than what it was to begin with. This isn’t due to you not having the willpower to keep it going but it is because you will shock your metabolism into compensating so it won’t starve to death. Though this isn’t what is actually happening–it will tell your brain just that and take your weight loss goals into a tailspin.

The best way to reach your realistic weight loss goals is to set balanced eating routines and exercise routines that will best serve you.

When we set goals too low:

There are those that have a lack like attitude and will assume it is too hard to lose a certain amount of weight. This is a confidence issue as well as an issue of not having the drive to shoot for what you need to do. Maybe you feel the amount of weight is too much for you to lose so you go just so far and then end up sabotaging the process by falling off the wagon.

Ways to expect realistic weight loss progress:

1. Look at the time you want to lose weight by.
2. Plan your moves week by week
3. Try to stay off the scale–maybe go to a public scale because the scale is a point of disappointment for most and don’t weigh in more than once per week.

The steps and philosophy are simple and will help you to expect realistic weight loss progress.

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