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Link Between Good Oral Hygiene and a Healthy Weight

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Health | 0 comments

A lot of people don’t realize it, but the health of your teeth and gums can have an effect upon the health of the rest of your body. Problems within your mouth can be indicative of other problems in other parts of your body.

But beyond all of that, did you know that there is also a link between good oral hygiene and a healthy weight? Keep reading to learn more so you can take an extra step towards making it easier to maintain your ideal weight and the health of your mouth.

New Research to Lead the Way

The journal known as Oral Diseases published a study recently, and that study determined that individuals who are overweight tend to also showcase poorer oral health when compared to individuals who weigh a normal amount. And obese individuals were also found to have a much greater risk (about six times greater) of developing severe gum disease. Plus, those who were overweight also showcased higher levels of C-reactive protein, which is an indicator of inflammation within the blood, as well as higher levels of white blood cells.

Your Risk, Based Upon Your Weight

Whether you are overweight or obese, your risk for developing gum disease is higher than those who are at a normal weight. If your BMI indicates that you are overweight, you are about 4.2 times more likely to develop serious gum disease. If you are considered obese, on the other hand, your risk is 5.9 times higher. This proves that there is a link between oral hygiene and a healthy weight.

It Is All About the Inflammation

Many experts did not find the results of the study surprising. This is because it is already known that those who are obese have greater levels of inflammation throughout their body. And inflammation can lead to an array of ailments, including periodontal disease. In other words, inflammation that is related to obesity can lead to an increased risk of gum disease, as well as other problems that are related to an immune system that is unable to work to its fullest potential.

Being aware of the link between oral hygiene and a healthy weight can empower you to take steps to get your weight under control, including with the help of a top diet pill like PhenBlue. As you work on maintaining a healthy weight, also stick to a good oral hygiene routine that includes regular visits with your dentist.

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