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New Non-Surgical Stomach Procedure for Weight Loss

by | Feb 7, 2014 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

If you have never heard about this new non-surgical stomach procedure for weight loss, then it’s time to learn all about it. This is like any other method out there where you need to be sure of what your particular situation is. There are some measures such as this which are intended more for the extremes.

That’s the case with Obalon, which is one of the newest weight loss solutions on the market. Sure this may seem extreme, but then again it is intended for those that are obese and have a significant amount of weight to lose. Understanding how it works will help you to be an informed patient either way.

So if you have never used Obalon before then you want to understand the way that it works. This non-surgical stomach procedure works with a balloon at the heart of it. You actually swallow it just like you would any other pill. When it is digested and absorbed into your system, it acts like a balloon in the stomach. Though this sounds unusual, it is intended to give you that full feeling so that you eat less. So it works much in the same way as other weight loss methods to help control appetite, but in a nontraditional manner. That means that you get to learn what you really need and stop yourself from eating too much in one sitting or at all.

This May Work Better In the Future But It Has Validity

This is a rather controversial non-surgical stomach procedure for weight loss, as you might expect. Many will argue that it’s not a good way to lose weight because it’s extreme and they would worry about any possible complications from the balloon like substance. Others might say that a balloon like substance can cause problems over time or that this could be absorbed into the system and cause health problems. It’s important to note that obalon is still being perfected and therefore approvals are being sought.

If you consider how this non-surgical stomach procedure for weight loss works it’s really all about mastering portion control. So many people gain weight in the first place because they are unsure of what makes up proper portions. So having the obalon balloon in their system keeps their eating in check and keeps them losing weight. Though this is not yet approved by the FDA it is receiving a lot of positive attention as a hopeful weight loss method. Though the verdict is out, this may very well become a tried and true weight loss solution in the future, and it’s always good to be informed.

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