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FDA Approves New Medical Device for Obesity

by | Jan 30, 2015 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

Obesity is a health concern that plagues millions of people all over the world, especially in the United States. Those who suffer from this unhealthy condition are subject to other serious ailments over time, making the disease something that has fostered a lot of attention over the last few years.

Luckily, improvements have been made to further the scope of treatments available to those who suffer from this curable weight problem. For example, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved the use of a new medical device for obesity, and people all over the world are wondering what it is all about.

What Is This Miracle Machine?

Hold on to your hats: the FDA just gave the okay for medical professionals to use a machine that targets specific nerve pathways that exist between the stomach and the appetite centers of the brain. It helps to control the feelings of hunger and fulfillment while promoting a person’s individual ability to monitor their eating habits responsibly. Going by the name of the Maestro Rechargeable System (MRS), it has become the very first medical device for obesity that has been approved for use in nearly 10 years.

Who Can Use the Maestro Rechargeable System?

Luckily, there is a wide range of people who can safely benefit from the MRS machine. This revolutionary medical device for obesity is approved for people over the age of 18 who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) that is at least 35. It is also commonly used to help treat obesity in folks who happen to suffer from obesity-related type-2 diabetes. Its use is gaining popularity rather quickly, as it has recently been shown to help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, certain types of cancer, and even stroke in certain patients.

Are There Any Side-Effects Associated with Use?

Other than the desired effects of this breakthrough medical device for obesity, there don’t seem to be any other detrimental results associated with regular use. Wire electrodes are surgically implanted within the abdominal wall and intermittent electrical pulses, which are designed to regulate stomach function, are sent along said nerve pathways to produce favorable results. This process, though completely safe, may cause discomfort in some people. Minor adjustments might also be needed, but overall the state-of-the-art medical device for obesity is fail-proof with very few harmful side-effects. In fact, there is even an external control that allows wearers to customize the strength of the electrical pulses.

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