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How a Lack of Sleep Makes You Hungry

by | Jun 18, 2015 | Health, Nutrition, Sleep | 0 comments

You know how awful you feel when you haven’t had enough sleep the night before. You are dragging, you’re sluggish, and you just lack any energy overall. You may find that you are having a hard time even concentrating, and therefore it feels as if your entire day is off track. What you may not realize is that this lack of sleep is actually wreaking havoc on your eating habits and may lead to weight gain in the long run. It’s really important to understand how a lack of sleep makes you hungry, and therefore why getting enough rest is imperative to your overall health.

When you think of taking better care of yourself, you probably think of that as exercising and eating the right foods. While these are certainly important factors for helping you to be your best, it actually runs much deeper than that. Part of taking care of yourself is ensuring that you get enough rest each and every night.

Ziesta nighttime sleep aid bottle and woman sleeping with caption Start sleeping better tonight!This is how you restore your energy level and balance, and ultimately how you get healthier as well. If you’re not getting enough sleep it may negatively influence your food choices and it may actually cause you to gain weight or have a hard time losing it. The sooner that you can get a hold of this, the better it will be for you in the long run.

It’s time to make proper sleep a true priority; it matters for better health and your overall outlook. Understanding how a lack of sleep makes you hungry can help you to break through the weight loss cycle and ensure that you make better choices now that will help you in the long run too.

You lack willpower you need to pass up unhealthy foods: It’s not just your imagination, for turning away those splurge foods when you’re tired is reality. You don’t have as much energy and therefore you are much more likely to give into the sweets, the salty foods, or the fattening foods that give you comfort. Whereas you would normally have the willpower to turn away these treats, you are lacking that because you are just too tired to care. Getting enough sleep means that your willpower is intact and you will make better food choices as a result of it.

You aren’t focused and therefore won’t take the time to prepare healthy meals: A big part of eating right is taking the time to prepare and cook healthy meals at home. If you are sleep deprived then meal preparation will truly be way too much work for you. The only way to overcome this is to get proper sleep so that you have what you need to prepare meals and eat the right portions. If you wonder why a lack of sleep makes you hungry it has much to do with portion control but also the methods such as meal prep that you use to eat better in general.

You are much more likely to eat more than you really need: There is a greater likelihood that you will overeat when you’re tired. You lack that willpower and focus that you need to eat right. You are much less careful about what you eat or how much you eat, and this will always work against you in the end. If you want to know the secret to keeping your portion control working for you then be sure that you are alert, well rested, and able to face the day with the right attitude for being your best.

Sleep deprivation may actually cause you to feel hungrier: Recent studies have found that continued sleep deprivation may very well lead to an increase in appetite. If night after night you aren’t getting enough sleep this can work against your metabolism and your appetite in combination. Be sure that you make sleep a priority for there is scientific evidence that a lack of sleep makes you hungry and therefore the negative cycle continues, and weight loss may be a true problem for you moving forward.

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