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How the New iPhone 6 Can Monitor Health

by | Oct 1, 2014 | Health | 0 comments

We’ve come to depend on our smartphones for so much, and that’s why the news that the iPhone 6 can monitor health overall is so exciting. Who knew that a new phone would mean an entirely new way of doing things?

When it comes to our health, we could all use a little bit more time and attention. We can all ensure that we improve the way we take care of our health in some capacity. We need good, solid information for this, and that’s precisely how the new iPhone 6 Health app helps us. Already accustomed to tracking info through our phones, now we can use this new app to good effect for the improvement of our health.

The iPhone 6 can monitor health in ways that support basic wellness principles. The health app can act as a better fitness tracker than you’ve ever seen before. We’ve all come to rely upon something like My Fitness Pal to help us track calories and workouts, but this takes it to a whole new level. Sure, you can still use old favorites when it comes to health apps, and they can certainly be effective. But what if you were looking for something more comprehensive, for your overall health? What if you were interested in health beyond losing weight because you want to be your best? Well, this newest model of phone can be extremely helpful with that goal as well.

You Get Personalized Health Insight

Just one of the ways that the iPhone 6 can monitor health comes to us through the RevUp app. What you essentially get is a health coach right there in your pocket to use whenever and however you need—and that’s some great value for you, right at your fingertips! When you use this app through your new iPhone, it will take your personal data and combine it with some personalized coaching. So you can get help with eating right, getting fit, and also how to take better care of yourself. This tool is truly a supplement to a healthy lifestyle that can help you feel your best.

The RevUp app, combined with the Apple Health app, makes the iPhone 6 an exceptional fitness platform and shows just how the iPhone 6 can monitor health. Though we may not realize at first just how much value there is in this, we will soon find that we don’t want to live without it. By tracking valuable information and offering the health coaching that works for us as individuals, the iPhone 6 truly helps us to be our best. This is revolutionary and can help us to rise above health challenges so that we stay fit and well.

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