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The Intechra Health Forum Makes a Comeback After Cyber Attack Leads to Loss of Data

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

We recently discovered that some forum member data was wiped from our systems after being maliciously attacked by an unauthorized third party. Significant effort was taken by our technical team to restore the forum and we are happy to announce that it is now back up and running.

Customer Data Remains Secure

The main Intechra Health website data was not impacted. Customer account details, including passwords and cardholder information remain safe and secure thanks to the latest SSL encryption technology. You can rest assured knowing your payment information is protected by one of the most powerful digital security protocols available when placing an order for one of our diet pills or health supplements.

What Forum Members Need to Know

Unfortunately, forum user email addresses may have been compromised, and any forum posts or accounts created after October 24th, 2017 were lost.

Need help with your account?

• Members that joined the forum after 10/24/2017 can create a new account here.
• If you have lost access to your account due to password changes that took place between 10/24/2017 and 09/27/2019, we recommend regaining access to your account through the password reset option here.

A Message from the Intechra Health Team

We are very sorry for any concern or difficulties caused by this attack. We also want to specifically apologize for the feelings of Deja vu that will inevitably be experienced by our most active members. We will be addressing any complications that arise as quickly as possible and welcome you to reach out to our customer service department should you have any questions or concerns.

Intechra Health’s mission is always to keep our customers living happy and healthy without compromising the information entrusted to us. New measures are being taken to ensure our freshly restored forum and every part of our website is protected from these modern threats. To start, we can now restore the forum faster and more completely should a similar situation arise in the future.

We humbly request you to hang in there with us through any forum downtimes that may occur over the next several days. We will be implementing various updates and site improvements in hopes that we provide a weight loss support forum that you can fully count on.

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