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How to Maintain Your Weight Loss All Summer

by | Jun 13, 2016 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

Learning how to maintain your weight loss sounds as though it should be something that is easy to do. After all, you’ve already done the hard part, right? You’ve figured out how to get the pounds coming off, so all you should have to do is keep it up.

Oddly enough, that’s not at all how to maintain your weight loss. It does sound like the truth. It seems like as soon as you discover how to begin losing weight it should be natural to just keep it up until you reach your goal. If that were the case, then 95 percent of all diets wouldn’t be failing right now. Unfortunately, they are. Nearly everyone who starts losing weight will eventually regain it.

Therefore, the key to knowing how to maintain your weight loss all summer needs to be something that will sit you into that tiny group of 5 percent. You need to count yourself among the very few who will say goodbye to the pounds you don’t want and never say hello to them again.

No matter what people tell you, this isn’t just a matter of willpower. It’s a matter of having the right guidance once you drop the weight. While there is no single key to keeping the fat off, there are a number of very helpful pieces of advice that can assist you in staying on the right track over the long term.

These include the following:

Exercise nearly every day – one or two breaks per week are fine but make sure you’re getting between a half hour and an hour (at least!) on most days and that you mix up what you’re doing. Most days should be cardio but don’t leave out strength training. They both play very important roles.

Eat a primarily healthful diet – true, you are going to have days where you simply need to have sugary or fatty treats. That can happen on occasion. However, on most days, try to aim for healthful, tasty foods that will keep you within the calorie range appropriate for you.

Eat breakfast – you shouldn’t skip any meals at all, but make sure that no matter when you eat during the rest of the day, you do consume breakfast. It is far more important to weight maintenance and overall health than you might think.

Reduce screen time – the less time you sit there like a zombie in front of the television, computer or smartphone, the better. If you really want to watch a show, tell yourself that you can only do it if you’re on the treadmill or are doing some other kind of workout. If you can combine screen time and activity, then it’s far more acceptable as a part of your life.

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