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Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts That Won’t Make a Dieter Flinch

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Health | 0 comments

Giving Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts is So Much Sweeter Than a Box of Chocolates!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, so does a time when many of us can expect to give and receive little tokens of love to help remind us of the people in our lives who are closest to our heart. That said, while we try to shower our beloveds in romance, this often involves giving chocolates and other sugary and fatty treats that aren’t friendly to our dieting efforts.

It’s true that these gifts are traditional, but they can also derail weeks of careful and challenging efforts made by someone trying to lose weight. If your special someone is still sticking with their weight loss resolution – or if you are – you might want to think of giving gifts and creating an evening around something that isn’t quite as likely to tip the calorie scales.

Does this mean you need to have a boring or unromantic Valentine’s Day? Of course not! It just means that you need to focus on something delicious and nutritious at the same time, or to focus the romantic side on the evening on something other than food.

Here are some great ideas for healthy Valentine’s Day gifts that won’t leave anyone feeling guilty:

Do something together that your beloved enjoys but you typically don’t. – If you usually refuse to head out dancing, watch a romantic comedy or paint pottery but they’re activities your special someone loves, make a date of that activity and be a willing participant. Don’t gripe about it and don’t repeatedly point out how much you don’t like it. Instead, take part willingly and allow yourself to enjoy the time because it is making your loved one happy.

Personalize an otherwise average gift. – As much as a soft blanket, a set of luxury towels or even jewelry can be nice, if you really want to bring it up to another level, choose a gift you can personalize. Having towels monogrammed, having an inside joke or a special symbol stitched into a blanket or having jewelry engraved or stamped with initials or a meaningful word can make a simple gift incredible in a very affordable way.

A balloon bouquet full of love notes. – If your special someone is the type who gushes over romantic messages, write several of them and tuck them into balloons. Then use straw sticks to make a bouquet out of the balloons. Great topics for the notes can include things you love about him or her, or some of the favorite memories you share. This creative choice of healthy Valentine’s Day gifts is good for the soul, while also being good to the waistline!

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