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Get a Healthy Start with the New Season

by | Sep 30, 2014 | Health | 0 comments

Now that summer has come to a close and fall is upon us, there is a definite change in the air. The feeling that you have from Mother Nature can be a wonderful way to inspire yourself to get a fresh and healthy start on your lifestyle.

Perhaps you have already been trying to work on a healthier way of life, but have let certain good habits slide. Now is the time to pick them up again. Maybe you have been meaning to get started with proper eating and exercising and have been looking for that great excuse to get going. This is it!

The change in season can make you feel more ready for some differences in your own life, so use the opportunity to be able to take on some of the new habits that you know you should have, but that you haven’t had the motivation to begin. Now is the time for that healthy start.

Of course, a successful effort begins with a strong start. So the key is not to wait but to begin right away. Otherwise, sooner than you realize it, this season will have flown by and you’ll be faced by winter. Set some goals for yourself that begin right now. Promise yourself that this new lifestyle will have become a regular habit by the time winter rolls around, instead of allowing the season to peter out before you have even taken your first few steps.

The following are some handy tips to help you get off to a healthy start, this fall:

Create a new fitness program – Summer is done, so it’s time to change things up to suit the season . Many people consider fall to be the best time of year for exercise, so this shouldn’t be too challenging. There is a great deal that you can do outside while it is neither too hot nor too cold, so take advantage of this opportunity and be sure to soak up some sun (though don’t forget the sunscreen), before the days are too short during the wintertime. Walking, running, trail hiking, cycling, and team sports are great at this time of year.

• Update your eating plans – Fall is the time during which the largest number of fruits and vegetables are harvested, all at once. Inspire yourself by shopping at the local farmer’s market, or simply check out what your supermarket is selling from farms around your area. Seasonal foods are always the ones that taste best, so don’t try to pretend that summer is still hanging around when you know that everything from apples to figs and from squash to sweet potatoes are what your palate truly craves.

• Refresh your goals – Remember the whole reason that you wanted to do this in the first place? Good! Write it down and review it every day. Read it out loud with a smile on your face. You’ll have a much better chance of sticking to it and getting there if it is always at the back of your mind.

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