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Get Rid of Thanksgiving Bloat Fast with These Tricks

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Health | 0 comments

Let’s admit it: Thanksgiving is a chance to eat a little too much and overindulge more than usual. Even if you follow a really strict diet every other day of the year, this holiday entices you to just let loose and enjoy all of the tasty treats that are being offered to you.

But how can you get rid of Thanksgiving bloat that’s the inevitable result of overeating? Check out the tips below to bring your body into a comfortable state of balance in no time.

Have Some Melon
Believe it or not, you can get rid of Thanksgiving bloat by simply eating some melon, such as honeydew, cantaloupe, or watermelon. Regardless of what type of melon you can get your hands on, the high liquid content in the food will help your body flush out toxins, and it will even reduce the water retention that’s causing your bloat.

Get Some Exercise
Even if you can’t manage to take a short, brisk walk shortly after you eat your Thanksgiving feast (it’s a great way to overcome the fatigue you’ll feel after dinner, too), make it a point to schedule in some exercise the day after the holiday. It’s a good idea to squeeze in a minimum of four workout sessions during the week of Thanksgiving. The increased physical activity will help you burn off the extra calories you’ll consume on the holiday, and it will also energize you mentally and physically while helping you sweat out toxins and reduce bloat.

Eat Foods That Are High in Potassium
In addition to getting rid of bloat by limiting your intake of salt, you should also be eating more foods that contain high amounts of potassium. Good choices include bananas, yogurt, and raisins. These will help flush the extra sodium from your body so that you can slim down and feel like yourself again.

Have Plant-Based Protein
To get back on a healthy eating track, opt for lean and fiber-rich plant-based protein sources. These include lentils and beans, as a couple of examples. They’ll help you feel fuller longer while giving you the power to get through your workouts and get rid of bloat.

Following the tips above will help you get rid of Thanksgiving bloat in no time. Remember that you can also take a product like FenFast 375 on Thanksgiving to curb cravings, keep your appetite under control, and eat less so you don’t end up getting bloated in the first place.

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