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FDA Drug May Boost Power of Brown Fat for Weight Loss

by | Jan 23, 2015 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

Understanding how the metabolism and fat burning process works can help you to get to the heart of weight loss, and brown fat specifically plays a critical role in all of that.

Though the drug Myrbetriq was originally developed to help with bladder problems and continues to serve in this role, there is some evidence that it may help with weight loss. With any medications like this though it’s important not to turn to them for weight loss specifically and to use it for its intended purposes to be safe. The reality is that this drug is being researched as it was found that those turning to Myrbetriq for bladder issues also enjoyed a very natural and effective weight loss in the process. So getting to the heart of the issue is crucial to see how effective it may be in weight loss alone.

Before you can really understand how truly effective this drug may be, you have to gain a better understanding of brown fat. There are two types of fat within the body—white fat helps to store energy while brown fat helps to burn energy to generate body heat. So when you have a medication such as this it helps to activate the fat cells and therefore create a natural fat burning process. This is much like the thermogenic process that we see come about from consuming something like green tea or even spicy foods. The role that this type of fat plays with revving up the metabolism is profound, and so the fact that this drug may help to stimulate these fat cells, help to make the metabolism more efficient, and therefore work towards natural fat burning that is revolutionary.

Understanding How The Different Types of Fat Work Is Key To The Process

Though you might think that the correlation between this medication and the activation of brown fat cells was obvious right away, that’s not the case. People were using Myrbetriq for great help with bladder issues, and that served as the main focus. After awhile those struggling with weight loss or even those who weren’t even thinking about it found that they were losing weight. So this became the focus of research and in clinical trials it was found that the activation of these specific fat cells meant a long term and very efficient way of losing weight. Therefore there is hope that turning to this medication as a specific weight loss drug may help.

You may not feel anything happening when you take a drug such as this, but the natural fat burning within the body is very real. When the brown fat cells are activated, that means that the natural fat burning process is occurring. This may not be for the obese, as the potential weight loss that individuals would be looking at over several years would be about 20 pounds. If however this drug can help to stimulate the metabolism and help with an effective way of burning fat, then it may be well worth a try. While the clinical trials continue, this is a drug that many are hopeful will shed new light on weight loss. Utilizing it for natural fat burning and a great help to the metabolism is the long term view, and many health experts are hoping that Myrbetriq will be just as effective for weight loss as it has been for bladder issues to this point.

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