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Acceptance-Based Behavioral Treatment for Weight Loss

by | Oct 29, 2016 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

Science has been looking into a new way to drop the pounds called Acceptance-Based Behavioral Treatment for weight loss. Recent research has been showing that people who use this type of technique are more likely to lose a larger amount of weight. They also have a greater likelihood of keeping the weight off. This, compared to people who have been using only Standard Behavioral Treatment (SBT).

SBT is a traditional type of treatment plan in which a dieter will decrease their overall caloric intake every day while boosting their physical activity levels.

That said, the results of recent randomized trials showed SBT to be less effective than Acceptance-Based Behavioral Treatment for Weight Loss.

Researchers examined the outcomes of Acceptance-Based Behavioral Treatment for Weight Loss. This method requires a dieter to look at the effort being made as one that has greater value to them than simply dropping pounds. Instead, people are encouraged to think about their efforts in terms of a greater spectrum of benefits.

The research was a component of the well reputed Mind Your Health trial. This study is the first of its kind. The outcomes indicated that the participants who received Acceptance-Based Behavioral Treatment (ABT) lost 13.3 percent of their original body weight in the span of one year. ABT used the same behavioral skills as are encouraged in SBT. That said, those following an SBT based strategy lost a notably lower average of 9.8 percent of their starting body weight within the same span of time.

The difference between the two is not a minor one. At a considerable 36 percent difference between the success of ABT and SBT methods, it is clearly clinically significant. Furthermore, when it came to the chances of keeping the weight off, there was also a very meaningful difference.

Those using ABT methods saw a 64 percent success rate in keeping off a loss of 10 percent of their starting body weight over a span of 12 months. Among those using SBT, the rate was much lower at 49 percent. That represented a difference of about one third.

According to the authors of the study who provided additional commentary to their research, the weight loss results achieved through ABT are among the most successful reported in behavioral treatment literature. This, without having to lean on medication or a highly restrictive diet plan.

ABT recommends choosing goals based on life values such as being an actively present parent or grandparent, living a long and happy life, staying healthy and so on. It also recognizes that the same behaviors that control weight will come with certain discomforts such as giving up regular treats, building new habits and facing cravings and fatigue. Furthermore, it encourages dieters to learn the triggers that alter their food and activity related decisions.

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