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Changes to watch for in 8 Week Weight Loss Before and After Pictures

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

Knowing just how to take 8 week weight loss before and after pictures and what to look for in the images can help you to best track your progress.  Remember that this span of time is not very long, so the changes may be quite subtle as your body adjusts to your healthier lifestyle and undergoes various forms of composition shifts.

Why Take 8 Week Weight Loss Before and After Pictures?

Many people like to take weight loss before and after pictures to help them to track their progress.  There are many reasons for this.  Some of the most common include the following.

  • It’s hard to see weight loss in yourself because you see yourself in the mirror every day and body fat is burned gradually.
  • There is more to burning fat than what you see on a bathroom scale. The scale cannot read lean muscle building and will record water loss and fat loss in the same way.
  • Images allow you to discover where the changes can be seen on your body. You may have been watching your middle, but at the same time, your face, arms and legs have also been changing.
  • They can be shared if you’re getting your motivation through friends, family, or even social media (or if you just want the opportunity to brag about your great progress!).

What to Look for in Your Images

Remember that as much as you may be obsessed with one area of your body getting smaller, this is a process that impacts your entire form and can happen in many different visible ways.  When you take quality tracking 8 week weight loss before and after pictures, make sure to compare:

  • Different parts of your body, not just the area you’re obsessed about
  • The fit of your clothing and how it has changed
  • The appearance of tone and muscle, even if a certain part of your body doesn’t actually look smaller

How to Take Great Tracking Pictures

Use these tips to help you to take 8 week weight loss before and after pictures you’ll be able to use for effective tracking.

  • Take pictures that show your shape. Long, baggy clothing won’t let you see progress.
  • Wear the same clothes each time for a better opportunity to compare the difference.
  • Make your background a plain wall.
  • Take a full-length photo straight-on from eye level.
  • Take shots from the front, from the side and from the back, all at the same level.
  • Use natural light and take the pictures at the same time of the day each time.
  • Stand up straight, but don’t “suck it in”. Keep your shoulders back but relaxed with your arms at your sides. Keep that same neutral posture each time.
  • Take your 8 week weight loss before and after pictures on the same day of the week each time, even if you’re waiting every two or four weeks to record your progress.

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