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Millennials Are Using These Weight Loss Diets More Than Any Others

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Diet Programs | 0 comments

As with all trends, Millennials are often using different weight loss diets from other generations. That said, according to INSIDER, this generation has been very specific about the types of diets it is choosing.

Among the weight loss diets most popular among Millennials for this year include:

Low Carb Weight Loss Diets

Thirty one percent said they were interested in this method of weight reduction. Though this is highly popular and has been for at least a couple of decades, an ever larger body of research is indicating that low-carb diets are not a good idea over the longer term. In fact, if used for too long, they could place dieters at an increased risk of premature death.

Reduced Calorie Diet

The next most popular among weight loss diets for Millennials are those cutting down on calories. Twenty three point five percent said these would be their weight loss diets of choice. Recent research has shown that by tracking calories and making sure you’re not eating too many or too few (they’re both equally important measures), people can live longer.

The Ketogenic Diet

The third most popular type of weight loss diets for Millennials was ketogenic dieting. The keto diet, as it’s more popularly known, was the top choice for 19.3 percent of this age group for wanting to drop the pounds. This method uses a low-carb and high fat approach. Unfortunately, while it is quite helpful for many people over the short term, an increasing amount of research is suggesting that it could place undue stress on the body and could even lead to premature death.

WW (Formerly Weight Watchers)

WW remains a highly appealing type of weight management strategy. Among Millennials, 16.8 percent said they would be interested in trying WW. This program has evolved quite a bit over the years and is now focused on real nutritional characteristics including calories, but also fat and sugar. It also encourages an overall active lifestyle, with a look at wellness and even sleep.

Plant-Based Diets

Vegetarian and fully plant-based diets have exploded among Millennials, as 15.1 percent said they were interested in adopting these lifestyles. These require the follower to eat only certain animal-based proteins or to eat no animal-based foods at all, depending on the specific option selected.

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