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Support Charities at SHAREFIT When You Share Your Fitness Progress!

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Diet Programs | 0 comments

Losing weight, getting fit and strong, and staying healthy doesn’t have to be all about you; instead, you can help yourself while at the same time helping others by signing up with altruistic companies like ShareFit.

Continue reading to gain access to more information about how you can support charities at ShareFit, and to figure out if it is right for you and your fitness journey.

More Motivation to Get, and Stay, Healthy
Getting and staying motivated to follow a healthy diet and fitness routine is just as hard at getting and staying healthy and maintaining the appropriate weight. But if you are in search of additional motivation that will help you lead a healthy lifestyle while losing weight and getting in shape, look no further than ShareFit.

How can ShareFit be so motivating, and why would you want to incorporate ShareFit into your fitness routine? Because every time that you reach your goals, track your progress, and support others on a similar path, you will be able to make a charitable donation and do something great for others in need.

How Does ShareFit Work?
Put simply, each time that you earn what is referred to as a “share” on the ShareFit website, you will be donating 1¢ to one of several charities that support wellness and overall health.

Whenever you log into the website and do things like track the food that you ate, record your fitness activities, write supportive comments, or even just update your profile, you will be creating a “share” that makes a difference in the lives of others and helps prevent childhood obesity, illness, and hunger. In other words, you’ll be able to support charities at ShareFit by using your computer.

Some of the Charities You Can Support

There are many charities that you can support while working on ShareFit. These include:
· Action for Healthy Kids
· Childhood Obesity Foundation
· Right to Play
· No Kid Hungry
· Food Corps
· Sick Kids Foundation

At last, there is a way to help yourself and keep up with your own fitness program while at the same time helping hungry children get the meals they need, or helping to prevent the spread of obesity. While losing weight with FenFast 375, you can support medical research, or help provide resources for those who want to lead active lifestyles but would not be able to afford the resources on their own. So if you want to make a positive difference not only in your body, but also in the world, definitely support charities at ShareFit today.

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