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5 Signs You’re Following a Short Term Weight Loss Program

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Diet Programs, Weight Loss | 0 comments

Short term weight loss is a serious problem. It does a number on your health, your motivation, and your bank account. That said, it’s not always obvious when you’re on a path that will not help you to keep the weight off forever. At least, it’s not obvious unless you know the right signs to watch for.

Use the following 5 signs to help you know you’re following a short term weight loss program so you can get on a better track instead.

1 – A Short Term Weight Loss Program May Be Very Restrictive

One of the first signs of a short term weight loss strategy is the number of restrictions it piles on. It may mean that you’re cutting out all the foods you love, slashing food groups, crash dieting, or doing extreme fasts. If it’s not something you’d be realistically willing to keep up for the rest of your life, then it’s not a long term strategy.

2 – Your Chronically Irritable

Losing weight is challenging but when it’s done right, it leaves you feeling positive, energized and motivated. Sure, you’ll have your down days, but overall, it should be making you feel better. If you’re doing a short term weight loss strategy, you may feel irritable all the time. You may or may not realize it. Other people may point it out to you or start avoiding you. Overall, whether you realize that you’re irritable or think it’s everyone else, you feel miserable.

3 – You’re Only Looking at Food and/or Exercise

There are a lot of mental and emotional components to healthy weight loss. Many people don’t realize that research is now showing that these are actually the most important factors in healthy long term weight control. Therefore, if your diet doesn’t look into these aspects, it will likely bring you only short term weight loss.

4 – Your Clothes Fit the Same Way

If you lose weight on the scale but your clothing pretty much fits the same way, then your weight loss will likely not be permanent. After enough pounds are lost, your clothing should start fitting you differently. Even if it’s not necessarily too big, there should be a change in the way it fits because your body composition is changing. You should be building lean muscle and losing body fat.

5 – Your Strategy is Very Complex and Requires Many Immediate Changes

Long term weight control is a gradual process. It involves many changes, but there is a learning curve. Those changes are adopted over time. If you take on too much at once, it won’t last.

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