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Will There Ever Be a Prescription Exercise Replacement Pill?

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Diet Pills | 0 comments

Though an “exercise pill” may sound more like science fiction than actual science, there is an increasingly large group of researchers that are starting to believe that medicine may not be as far away from that kind of achievement than you might think.

Who Stands to Benefit from an Exercise Pill?

This could be very promising to many people who would like to be able to experience some of the many benefits of exercise, without having to spend hours at the gym every week. All it would take is to pop a pill and it could become possible to burn the same number of calories as a moderately active lifestyle, even if all you do is sit at your desk all day.

Research Shows Promise

According to a study that was published last year in the Nature journal, mice that received treatment using a form of synthetic drug were able to burn more calories, leading to a measurably larger amount of weight loss, despite the fact that they were not as active and they were consuming as much food as they always did.

The drug that was being used was one that targeted a protein called REV-ERB. What it was able to accomplish was a number of metabolic changes in the muscles of the mice. Essentially, it provided them with some of the benefits of a fitness routine, without actually having to be active. A very recent study has determined that this specific drug also has the potential to boost the impact of exercise. The mice that were given the drug and that did get up and move around were able to run farther and longer.

An Exercise Pill Isn’t Quite Here Yet

The downside? So far, what is know is that the benefits of actually taking the “exercise pill” are nowhere near the type of results that would be received from actually engaging in a regular workout. The mice that took the pill may have burned more calories, but they didn’t get stronger, look better through larger muscles, decrease their stress levels, or improve their cardiovascular health.

According to Thomas Burris, PhD, a co-author of the study and a chair of the pharmacological and physiological science department from Saint Louis University, the results from taking the exercise pill are more comparable to endurance training for the muscles.

The researchers observed changes in the slow twitch muscle fibers within the mice who underwent the drug treatment. Those fibers are responsible for building endurance and metabolizing fat. The drug also appeared to lower the bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels of the mice by impacting their lipid profiles. Though these are promising results – particularly considering that they were achieved without actually having to exercise – they are still nowhere near the type of outcomes that are achieved from actual activity.

What Can You Do Until a Real Exercise Pill Exists?

Until there really is an exercise pill, it’s still up to you to get your workout in the traditional way.  You won’t be able to get fit until you apply yourself to physical activity and work to achieve your goals.

Though this may seem disappointing if you feel that you don’t like exercising, it is still good news.  Workouts are about more than just burning calories or losing weight.  It also works your muscles, circulatory and respiratory systems among other systems and body parts.  It is excellent for both your physical and mental health.  The evidence from the research didn’t show that there would be cardiovascular or mental health benefits.  Therefore, being required to keep up workouts the old fashioned way is still good for you.

You’re Not Alone

Even without an exercise pill, it doesn’t mean that you’re on your own when it comes to powering up for a workout.  There is still assistance available to support your workout performance and help drive you toward your best possible fitness goals.

Naturally, your family doctor and a personal trainer can both be considered fantastic resources.  They can advise you and help you to design a workout routine to suit your current fitness level and goals, while taking any medical conditions into consideration.

That said, if you want something more, you may also be able to use a fitness supplement.  These can provide you with a great advantage in terms of boosting your energy levels to make sure you can pour yourself into every fat burning and muscle strengthening workout.  There are also focus enhancers that can be beneficial for keeping sharp and paying attention to each part of your routine.  This can be particularly handy when you first start a new workout strategy.

Speaking with your doctor can also help you to choose the best fitness supplement to support the type of exercises you do the most.  Read More at the Intechra Health Weight Loss Forum.


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