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Curves Complete

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Diet Programs | 0 comments

Curves Complete is a form of online weight loss tool that is often compared to the online program that is provided by Weight Watchers. To be able to use this membership program, dieters need to purchase a membership. This gives them access to resources such as nutrition advice, meal planners, and shopping lists. Members of the popular Curves gyms for women are able to gain access to this program online.

This program is designed to be an online community that charges a fee in order to give dieters the opportunity to take advantage of a number of tools for fitness and weight loss. There are calorie counters, fitness videos, menu planners, meal trackers, recipes, and a great deal more. Although participants don’t need to have a membership to the gym to be able to use this program, those who do already have a membership are able to use this site.

The website provides an online video to help to illustrate exactly what is involved in the program and what users can obtain through a paid membership. The video offers descriptions of the various tools as well as screen shots for a better visual idea of what it is all about. The site also offers a membership community where users can share their thoughts and tips and gain support from others, as well.

The dieters that use the program at Curves Complete have a set calorie limit assigned to them for every day, week, and month. The calorie tracker on the website allows the dieter to be able to monitor his or her progress and make sure that he or she is staying within the limit. This involves entering food and drink into the tracker, but also exercise. This program focuses both on activity and food consumption. These trackers are designed to allow the program’s users to be able to view their progress in real time, which is considered to be important motivation for many dieters.

The one part of the site that appeared to be the most challenging was determining the pricing. At the time of this review, the price of a membership or to join the gym (or of a membership if a user is already a member of the gym) could not be found on the site without actually going through the checkout process.

This is a site that provides comparable services to SparkPeople and Weight Watchers. Though it could be a very good deal it is difficult to know as the prices are not easily accessible.

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