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New Carrot Fit Weight Loss App Cracks the Whip When You Slip Up

by | Feb 11, 2014 | Diet Programs | 0 comments

Have you heard about the new carrot fit weight loss app? Its the interactive app that makes weight loss and fitness so much more aggravating–just kidding–well maybe not. It is a fun app but one that is more like a nag than a friend. That’s OK because sometimes that is just what you need.

It’s also great if you want to be “real” about where you are or just insulted really. So, what is the long and the short about this carrot fit weight loss app?

Well, first, it will greet you in a most unique way by stating “ Greetings tubby human from your new fitness overlord” this is a great app to keep you up to date–a virtual task master that will do pretty much everything you have to do for tracking and smacking when you slip up. Isn’t it great when you can rely on something to do all the tracking for you?

Normally, most people will not track their progress quite so scientifically. In fact that is half the reason why people get off track is because its such a pain to track what you are doing. No one likes or has time to track calories and track steps taken or our BMI or inches lost and gained. You do have to exercise but you also only have to concentrate on that–just what you have to do.

Features of the Carrot Fit weight loss app:

The Carrot Fit weight loss app is a simple to operate–user friendly and straightforward application. It will ask you to punch in your weight for each day and then it will dole out rewards and prizes according to your prizes and scold ya when you slip. It also has a strange attachment to cats as part of the fun interactive process it will give you cat facts.

Features and functions of the carrot fit:

  • Record daily weight
  • Program that tells jokes and keeps your spirits up
  • You get a cute avatar
  • Reward programs
  • Weigh in reminders
  • Share your weight gains and losses with friends
  • Obesity tracker to check if you are still obese

All jokes aside this is a very cool and fun way to stay on track, have a blast and keep the weight off as well as stay fit. The Carrot Fit weight loss tracker is an essential tool for your next weight loss adventure.

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