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The Benefits and Drawbacks of the 20/20 Diet

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Diet Programs | 0 comments

There is no dearth of diet plans on the market. You only have to perform a simple Google search and you will come across dozens of options. The 20/20 diet has been creating a lot of buzz. The diet plan, which spans 30 days, is divided into three phases, where you have to follow different diet plans for 5 days, then the next 5 days, and then 20 days. The way this diet works is it promotes thermogenesis in the body, which boosts your metabolism and increases the level of fat burning in your body. So, will this diet work for you? Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of the 20/20 diet to help you decide:

20/20 Diet Benefits

  • First off, the diet plan doesn’t include any conventional methods, which means the 20/20 diet is more exciting than any other diet plan you might want to try.
  • You don’t have to cut carbs from your diet, unlike other diet programs, which means it is easier for you to keep up with the diet in the long run. This improves your chances of success.
  • You only have to follow the plan for 30 days to see results. Of course, you have to follow a few tips to keep the weight off in the long run, but the initial effort is less than if you try any other plan.
  • The plan itself is pretty flexible. Once you get through the first 5 days of the plan, you won’t face any trouble completing it.

20/20 Diet Drawbacks

  • The instructions you receive are fairly ambiguous. It can take you some time to understand what they are trying to tell you to do. For instance, ‘moving more’ is not a clear instruction.
  • Also, overuse of the word ‘may’ in the diet plan does not inspire much confidence. This means the results are not guaranteed. That being said, the tips are fairly effective and the diet has helped many people lose weight.
  • The first 5 days of the 20/20 diet can be extremely difficult. You need to have strong willpower to keep going.

So, as you can see, the benefits of this diet program far outweigh the drawbacks. This means this is a diet plan you should definitely try if you have been unable to lose weight so far. It will help you spice things up and that will push you to keep going.


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