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Kate Morgan Weight Loss Program

by | Mar 6, 2014 | Diet Programs | 0 comments

The Kate Morgan Weight Loss Program is a system that is designed to help dieters to be able to lose weight more quickly and effectively. According to the official website for this program, it takes the best of all of the top weight loss programs and brings them together into one plan. At the heart of this strategy is what they call a scientifically balanced five step meal replacement, as well as the consumption of healthy foods.

People on this program also receive one on one pharmacy support to help them to be able to shed the excess weight and then keep it off once it’s gone. The foods that are consumed throughout this diet are meant to help to boost the body’s natural fat burning abilities by changing the way that your body functions so that stored fat will be used as a primary energy source. This requires the dieter to change his or her eating habits.

The Kate Morgan Weight Loss Program is a subscription based program where members gain access to a range of different online recipes, or they can purchase the Kate Morgan Recipe book that contains more than 80 dinner recipe ideas so that the program will not become boring as the variety will be maintained.

The official website for this plan focuses on eating healthy foods that are highly flavorful and that fit into its nutritional structure (which it claims is based on science) to grow the body’s fat burning efficiency.

By taking a closer look at the outline of the Kate Morgan Weight Loss Program, it doesn’t quite look as ideal or as long-term as it sounds in its marketing literature. While it talks about the delicious evening meals and great recipes in the majority of its materials, it should also be noted that it is a meal replacement diet. This means that two of the three meals per day – breakfast and lunch – will consist of meal replacement formulas instead of actual whole foods.

Therefore, to follow this program, a dieter would drink the formula for breakfast, have a small mid-morning snack, have a formula for lunch, have a mid afternoon snack, and then eat a dinner that consists of a protein and vegetables.

The formulas come in 13 different flavors and can be ordered from the official website. They are said to taste good and help to provide a full feeling in addition to vitamins and minerals required by the body to remain healthy.

Although some dieters do find success with meal replacement programs, these are notorious for providing only short term success due to hunger pangs and a change in eating habits that simply cannot be maintained forever.